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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about serving papers at Mailing Addresses

Q: Can I serve legal documents at a Commercial Mail Receiving Agency (CMRA)?
[like a UPS Store, Mail Boxes Etc., a Postal Store, etc]
A: Yes. All documents that are able to be subserved in California may be served at
a  CMRA. There are limitations on other types of documents.

Q: Can I serve
legal documents at a U.S. Post Office for someone with a P.O. Box?
A: No. You cannot legally serve papers at a U.S. Post Office. You can get the
boxholder's physical address from the U.S. Post Office and serve the person at
that physical address.

Q: How do I get the physical address of someone I am trying to serve if I only have a
P. O. Box or CMRA address for them?
A: You fill out a 'Request for Change of Address' form (or one containing similar
content) and take it to the Post Office or CMRA.

Q: What if the physical address they have with the Post Office or CMRA is old or
A: You can have the Post Office or CMRA lockdown the box until the boxholder
provides a current physical address.

Q: Can anyone get the physical address from the Post Office or CMRA?
A: No. It can only be a Process Server, Attorney, Party representing himself, law
enforcement or someone authorized to serve legal process.

You can purchase my Postal Kit below which has step-by-step instructions on how to obtain the
physical address for a boxholder from a Post Office or from a Private Mail Box Agency as well as
step-by-step instructions on how to have the box locked down if the physical address is invalid.
The kit contains all the forms necessary as well as copies of the pertinent California Codes and
Domestic Mail Manual Codes to support the process. The Kit also contains information regarding
Service of Process of all types of legal documents at CMRAs in California. The price is $125.00
and includes sales tax and Priority shipping costs. For $125.00 you will receive one Kit with one
User-License for use of the copyrighted material. Please make sure to complete the
Personalization Form after payment so the forms in your Kit can be customized for you. If you work
in another state besides California, the Postal Kit is $100.00.  This Kit will not contain the
California Codes regarding CMRAs.  You will need to insert your own State's Code into that section
for reference.  The Nationwide Postal Kit also does not contain the California instructions for
serving papers at CMRAs. The Domestic Mail Manual codes and Title 39 codes, which regulate
mail delivery and Post Offices, are valid in all states.

I am not a lawyer and do not provide legal advice. I simply cite the California Codes for reference.
In California, CMRA's are regulated by the Business & Professions Code. If you serve legal
documents in another state, you will need to check what codes regulate Private Mail Box stores and
become familiar with those codes.
© 2008 CMRA Lockdown Notice
© 2008 P.O. Box Lockdown Notice
California Kit
Includes sales
tax and shipping.

The Postal Kit contains:
1) Legal Disclaimer & One User Permit  for Copyrighted Material
2) Customized Request for Change of Address form
3) California Business & Professions Code for CMRAs
Out of State purchasers will insert their own State law in this tab.
4) Domestic Mail Manual Codes for CMRAs
5) Customized CMRA Lockdown Notice ©
6) Customized P.O. Box Lockdown Notice ©
7) Sample 1583 form for CMRA boxholders
8) Sample 1093 form for P.O. boxholders
9) Sample 1583A form for CMRA owners
10) Procedure to file complaint with Postmaster.
11) Complete step-by-step instructions to serve documents at CMRAs
Out of State purchasers will not get this insert.
Nationwide Kit
Includes sales
tax and shipping.